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When your car is broken down on the side of the road, you want to have confidence that your towing service will get to you quickly and will handle your vehicle carefully and professionally. Harmon's Automotive & Towing Service Inc. offers dependable towing and recovery services all over the state of Louisiana, with locations in Deridder, Minden, Lake Charles, LA.

We're equipped to handle light, medium and heavy-duty towing and hauling. We can also handle RV and bus towing. We even have the largest sliding rotator crane in southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas.

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Harmon's Automotive & Towing Service is the company to turn to when you need roadside assistance or hauling. We take pride in our fleet and the range of services we can offer because of it.

We're equipped to handling any of your towing and recovery needs anywhere in Louisiana. We have locations in Deridder, Minden, Lake Charles, LA.

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Our fleet by location is listed below:


2001 Peterbilt 45 ton slider
2012 Petebilt Rollback
2015 Freightliner Rollback
2006 International Rollback


2014 Peterbilt NRS 50 CS
2009 Peterbilt NRC 50 CS
2012 Kenworth 65 Ton Rotator
2013 Kenworth NRC Tandem Axle Rollback
2016 Kenworth Rollback
1997 Kenworth Tractor
2018 Kenworth W900 Oilfield Winch Truck
2015 Nuttall 3 axle oil field lowboy trailer
2016 Traileze Bus Trailer
2015 Pitts Lowboy
2015 Trail King Sliding Axle

2015 Peterbilt Heavy Haul Truck
2014 Kenworth Heavy Haul Truck
2007 Peterbilt Heavy Haul Truck
2007 Peterbilt Heavy Haul Truck

(2) 53' Landoll 455
(3) 55 ton Lowboys
(1) 50 ton Bus Trailer

2003 Kenworth Rollback
2005 Peterbilt Tandem Axle Rollback
2015 Kenworth Rollback
2019 Freightliner Rollback

2007 Peterbilt 16 Ton Medium Duty
2012 Kenworth 50 Ton Jerrdan
2017 Peterbilt 50 Ton Vulcan

2007 Kenworth 65 Ton Rotator

2015 12 Ton B&B Medium Duty